Appointments and Billing

Appointments, Fees, and Pricing

Appointments, Fees and Pricing

Clients generally schedule a time to see me on a regular, weekly basis; including multiple sessions a week. My fee for a 53-minute individual counseling session is $140. Depending on my availability, student and sliding-scale pricing may be offered to clients on a needs basis. Fees may increase periodically, and thus fees are subject to change with two weeks prior notification.



When we make an appointment, I will hold that 53 minute time period open for you. Continuity and momentum are vital to the therapeutic work and our mutual protection of the therapy appointment time is very important. If you need to miss a session and give me notice in advance, I will attempt to reschedule you. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment for any reason, please notify me of the cancellation by email or voice mail at least 48 hours prior to the time of your appointment. There will be no charge for appointments cancelled 48 hours or more in advance. The regular fee for the session will be charged for appointments cancelled for any reason less than 48 hours in advance, and for missed appointments. I ask that you pay this fee before your next regular appointment. If you are submitting monthly bills for reimbursement by insurance know that missed appointments will be coded as such and not as clinical sessions and insurance often will not reimburse for missed appointments. If you are late to an appointment I will stop our session at our regular ending time in order to keep my schedule and you will still be required to pay for the entire session.


Periodically, I may need to reschedule regularly scheduled appointments to attend professional development seminars or for vacation. I will provide ample notice and offer you several options for rescheduling and/or providing services remotely. If I need to cancel our scheduled appointment due to an illness or emergency on my end, I will inform you of this as soon as possible and you will of course not be charged for the session.

Payment and Insurance

Payment for counseling sessions must be made by credit, debit, electronic transfer, or bank transfer at the time of service unless special arrangements have been made. I do not provide billing services for clients or their insurance companies, but I am happy to provide you with a monthly record of your sessions showing receipt of your payments. If your insurance provider will be covering the cost of your counseling, you will need to make arrangements for direct reimbursement. You are responsible for obtaining, completing and submitting appropriate insurance paperwork, as well as knowing the benefits and limits of your policy.

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